The Downsides of Staying at a Disney World Resort


Staying at a Disney World resort can have some great benefits however in this article, we are going to discuss some of the downsides of staying at some Disney World Resorts.

  • “Free” transportation at the resort is nice however this is not a fast means of transportation. Some of the waits can be very aggravating and sometimes you will have to stand.
  • Haphazard Room Assignment – If you are in a very large group like a family with multiple rooms, your group with multiple rooms may be split apart during the busy season. Requests for specific locations aren’t always honored.
  • Disney World resorts are so large (often around 2000 rooms) that Disney charges more money for “Preferred” rooms closer to the lobby.
  • Safes in the rooms are very tiny. If you’re planning on bringing a laptop, it will not for.
  • Rates are anywhere from 40%-70% high than off property rooms of comparable quality.
  • Disney World has 3 categories for rooms; Deluxe, Moderate, & Value. The more “affordable” a room at an actual Disney property is, the more you could use a rental car. A lot of these so called Disney value rooms are just as far as many off properties hotels. Some of the “value resorts” are a solid 15 minutes away from the Magic Kingdom itself.
  • The Value class rooms mentioned above are great for people who “must stay” at a Disney property however the rooms are very basic. Disney World has more value rooms than many mid sized cities have in total. These rooms can range from $100-$250 however for this price you’d be better staying in a nicer room not on Disney property. The moderate properties may feel more “resort like” with more pools and slides and whatnot however the bedrooms themselves are pretty similar.
  • No moderate or value Disney resort is connected by the monorail. A car or bus is your only option to go to the Magic Kingdom

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